Laboratorium - Sommer Semester 2003


Subsak Mahapoka

Waraphan Sarasureeporn


This workplan correspond to a Summer Semester Research program where students choose a topic and they should investigate on it. It is composed of 8 milestones where they have to learn about the state of the art in the topic selected achieving some goals and they have to present a final work at the end.

This topic consists on the development of a wrapper between two of the most current important languages being used in Semantic Web. The wrapper will have to translate between QEL (query based on the logical language datalog and used for querying in the Edutella Peer-to-Peer network) and RQL (standard language to query RDF repositories). In this network a query in QEL will be send to all the peers. This wrapper will allow that peers that only understand RQL could join the network. The wrapper will translate the query from the network (in QEL) into RQL and forward the translated query to the provider. Then the provider will answer the query and send this answer to the wrapper. The wrapper will translate again the query (this time from RQL to QEL) and resend the answer to the network.

The main goals of this work are:

  • Introduction to Semantic Web Technologies
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking basis
  • RDF applications and RDF storage in databases
  • Peer implementation with the knowledge adquired


18/04/2003-25/04/2003 - Edutella introduction

Basic papers

  Useful links:
  1st milestone: 25/04/2003 - Small report of articles read
  Meeting: 24/04/2003 15:00
25/04/2003-02/05/2003 - Semantic Web and RDF Introduction
  2nd milestone: 02/05/2003 - Small report of articles read
  Meeting: 02/05/2003 10:00
02/05/2003-09/05/2003 - RDF Databases introduction
  Sesame: Open Source RDF Schema-based Repository and Querying Facility
RSSDB: The RDF Schema Specific Database - Not taken into account
  • Download database
  • Install database
  • Play with the database console
  • Learn how to load, update and delete content
  • Insert a small set of data information for test querying
  • Small test queries to check the functionality
  3rd milestone: 09/05/2003 - Database installed and ready. Small report with steps done and features of both databases
  Meeting: 07/05/2003 11:00
09/05/2003-16/05/200 - Datalog and RQL Language introduction
  • Insert by hand a small RDF data set for testing
  • Write some queries and execute them in the database
  4th milestone: 16/05/2003 - Report about papers and with test data set, list of the queries and the results.
  Meeting: 16/05/2003 10:00
16/05/2003-23/05/2003 - RQL database client development (I)
  • Sesame Client API
  • Create a good test set of queries
  • Write the expected answers
  • Start to write the client
23/05/2003-30/05/2003 - RQL database client development (II)
30/05/2003-06/06/2003 - RQL database client development (& III)
  Test of RQL database client development
  • Test the queries (test set) against the database by means of the RQL client
  6th milestone: 06/06/2003 - Java client that send a RQL query to the database and show the answer and a report with queries and results.
06/06/2003-13/06/2003 - Edutella installation and source code introduction
  5th milestone: 13/06/2003 - Edutella installed, basic knowledge about source code and wrappers
  Meeting: - 13/06/2003 14:00
13/06/2003-20/06/2003 - Implementation of Datalog-RQL wrapper (I)
  Specification of QEL-RQL translations
  • Write a good test set of queries in QEL
  • Write the translations into RQL
  • Write the expected results of the queries
  • Write a small document with the different cases and the methods to translate between both languages.
  7th milestone: 20/06/2003 - Document with translation specification
  Meeting: 20/06/2003 9:00
20/06/2003-27/06/2003 - Implementation of Datalog-RQL wrapper (II)
  Develop the program that translate queries in QEL in RDF format to RQL
  Meeting: 23/06/2003 14:00
  Meeting: 27/06/2003 8:30
27/06/2003-04/07/2003 - Implementation of Datalog-RQL wrapper (III)
  Merge the Sesame client and the translator program
  Meeting: 01/07/2003 14:00
  Meeting: 04/07/2003 10:00
04/07/2003-11/07/2003 - Implementation of Datalog-RQL wrapper (& IV)
  Present the source code of the final wrapper as well as a report with the work realized during the course
  8th milestone: 11/07/2003 - Wrapper implementation and final report
  Meeting: 11/07/2003 11:00

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