Laboratorium - Sommer Semester 2004


Mathias Fiedler

Marc Herrlich

Integration of Peertrust in Peer-to-Peer networks

This workplan correspond to the Summer Semester Research program where students choose a topic and they should investigate on it. It is composed of 7 milestones where they have to learn about the state of the art in the topic selected achieving some goals and they have to present a final work at the end.

When a transaction between two entities needs to be done, both entities will need some information from the other party. While current approaches relies on the client/server approach where one of the two entities is registered on the other, Automated Trust Negotiation denotes the process where both parties ask and disclose information whenever it is needed according to their own policies.

The chosen topic consist on the integration of the Peertrust prototype into the Edutella Peer-to-Peer network. The current Peertrust framework behaves in a sense that each party involved in the negotiation might act as a client or as a server. This scenario already suggests a P2P architecture. The goal is to integrate Peertrust in Edutella (a schema-based Peer-2-Peer network developed in our laboratory). This integration will allow the distribution of a query into the network receiving an answer (if possible) from every peer.

The main goals of this work are:

  • Introduction to Semantic Web & Security Technologies
  • P2P networks
  • Communication protocols
  • Introduction to one of the most recent topics in security and access control: ATN


06/05/2004-13/05/2004 - Semantic Web Introduction

Basic papers

  Useful links:
  1st milestone: 13/05/2004 - Small report of articles read
13/05/2004-20/05/2004 - Introduction to Edutella

Basic papers

  Useful links:
  2nd milestone: 20/05/2004 - Small report of articles read
20/05/2004-27/05/2004 - Trust Negotiation
  3rd milestone: 27/05/2004 - Small report of articles read
  Meeting: 25/05/2004 14:00
27/05/2004-03/06/2004 - Development of a new Edutella service (I)
  • Download the Edutella code
  • Understand the java code regarding to services
  • Create a simple service which sends a message and receives and answer
03/06/2004-10/06/2004 - Development of a new Edutella service (II)
  • Write some tests cases in parallel with code development
  4th milestone: 10/06/2004 - Test cases of the new service
  Meeting: 10/06/2004 16:00 ?
17/06/2004-24/06/2004 - Credentials Extension Development (& III)
  • Finish the development of the simple service
  • Test the code generated
  5th milestone: 24/06/2004 - Test examples and code where the new service is used
  Meeting: - 24/06/2004 16:00 ?
24/06/2004-01/07/2004 - Integration of the new service into Peertrust (I)
  Add the current peertrust code to the service so each peer will perform its own negotiation process
  Meeting: - 08/06/2004 16:00 ?
01/07/2004-08/07/2004 - Integration of the new service into Peertrust (II)
  Update the test cases for the new functionality
  6th milestone: 01/07/2004 - Updated test cases
  Meeting: - 08/06/2004 16:00 ?
08/07/2004-15/07/2004 - Integration of the Credential Library into Prototype (& III)
  • Finish the development
  • Test the code generated
  7th milestone: 15/07/2004 - Peertrust service working
  Meeting: - 15/07/2004 16:00 ?

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