Laboratorium - Summer Semester 2005


Emre Cakar

Cem Dogan


This workplan correspond to a Summer Semester Research program where students choose a topic and they should investigate on it. It is composed of 7 milestones where they have to learn about the state of the art in the topic selected achieving some goals and they have to present a final work at the end.

When a transaction between two entities needs to be done, both entities will need some information from the other party. While current approaches relies on the client/server approach where one of the two entities is registered on the other, Automated Trust Negotiation denotes the process where both parties ask and disclose information whenever it is needed according to their own policies.

Editor for Security Management. Therefore, users and administrators need to specify in which way they want to protect their resources like for example services and credentials (e.g. a credit card). In addition, they should be able to use a simple and easy to manage application in order to facilitate their work. This software project has as a goal the implementation of an editor using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform as a bases which allows to easily achieve client applications like the following one:

The main goals of this work are:

  • Apply Software Engineer techniques to a real project
  • Develop a project following the software's lifecycle
  • Learn how to document at each stage of the project and why
  • Introduction to one of the most recent topics in security and access control: Trust Negotiation
  • Implemenation with Java reusing existing tools and packages (Eclipse Rich Client Platform)


21/04/2005-28/04/2005 - Semantic Web Introduction

Basic papers

  Useful links:
  1st milestone: 28/04/2005 - Small report of articles read
28/04/2005-05/05/2005 - Introduction to Eclipse RCP
  2nd milestone: 05/05/2005 - Small report of articles read
05/05/2005-12/05/2005 - Introduction to Java Visual Objects
  • Jung project
  • Implementation of small reusable modules to be used afterwards like e.g., trees
  3rd milestone: 12/05/2005 - Examples in java using knowledge adquired
12/05/2005-19/05/2005 - Introduction to TN
  • Download the prototype
  • Understand the java
  • Play with examples
  4th milestone: 19/05/2005 - Small report about articles read and examples in the prototype
19/05/2005-26/05/2005 - Development of the Editor (I)

See here the requirements for the editor

26/05/2005-02/06/2005 - Development of the Editor (II)
  5th milestone: 02/06/2005 - Prototype of the editor
02/06/2005-09/06/2005 - Development of the Editor (III)
09/06/2005-16/06/2005 - Development of the Editor (IV)
16/06/2005-23/06/2005 - Development of the Editor (V)
23/06/2005-30/06/2005 - Development of the Editor (& VI)
  6th milestone: 30/06/2005 - Final version of the editor
30/06/2005-07/07/2005 - Test of the prototype
  As in any project the result has to be tested. The prototype has to be tested with different scenarios
  7th milestone: 07/07/2005 - Document with tests and results

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