Laboratorium - Summer Semester 2005

Filipp Andjelo Andrej Gantworg Vladislav Roumiantsev


This workplan correspond to a Summer Semester Research program where students choose a topic and they should investigate on it. It is composed of 7 milestones where they have to learn about the state of the art in the topic selected achieving some goals and they have to present a final work at the end.

When a transaction between two entities needs to be done, both entities will need some information from the other party. While current approaches relies on the client/server approach where one of the two entities is registered on the other, Automated Trust Negotiation denotes the process where both parties ask and disclose information whenever it is needed according to their own policies.

The chosen topic consists on the management of credentials in the current prototype in Automated Trust Negotiation. Currently, credentials contain only one property and it would be interesting if the credentials could contain more than one. The requirement here is that each property must be disclosable alone and still be signed. For this purpose, the text included in the credential is a signed statement too.

The main goals of this work are:

  • Introduction to Semantic Web & Security Technologies
  • Java Cryptography
  • P2P Networks
  • Introduction to one of the most recent topics in security and access control: ATN


21/04/2005-28/04/2005 - Semantic Web Introduction

Basic papers

  Useful links:
  1st milestone: 28/04/2005 - Small report of articles read
28/04/2005-05/05/2005 - Security Technologies and P2P Networks Introduction
  2nd milestone: 05/05/2005 - Small report of articles read
05/05/2005-12/05/2005 - Java Security Introduction
  Digital signatures management need to be implemented in Java. For that purpose we are currently using BouncyCastle (the only implementation in Java that allows to create our own certificates). Current code in the prototype can be checked and reused in order to implement our solution.
  3rd milestone: 12/05/2005 - Examples in java using knowledge adquired
12/05/2005-19/05/2005 - Introduction to TN
  • Download the prototype
  • Understand the java
  • Play with examples
  4th milestone: 19/05/2005 - Small report about articles read and examples in the prototype
19/05/2005-26/05/2005 - Credentials Extension Development (I)
  Extend the current library in Java with methods for the following tasks:
  • Read credential: the different parts of the credential are extracted
  • Write credential: a local statement is written as a credential with the own private key
  • Verify credential: a given credential is checked
  • Create list of credentials: each credential statement is written in prolog predicates

so each credential can contain multiple properties. A report with the current solution is available here.

26/05/2005-02/06/2005 - Credentials Extension Development (& II)
  5th milestone: 02/06/2005 - Test examples where the library is used and tested
02/06/2005-09/06/2005 - Integration of the Credential Library into Prototype (I)
  Use the developed library in the current prototype to use the new credentials instead of the current one with only one property.
09/06/2005-16/06/2005 - Integration of the Credential Library into Prototype (II)
  6th milestone: 16/06/2005 - Prototype working with real credentials
16/06/2005-23/06/2005 - Integration of the Credential Library into Prototype (III)
23/06/2005-30/06/2005 - Integration of the Credential Library into Prototype (IV)
30/06/2005-07/07/2005 - Test of the prototype
  As in any project the result has to be tested. The prototype has to be tested with different scenarios
  7th milestone: 07/07/2005 - Document with tests and results

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